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luxury hotel bedding

Luxury Hotel Bedding Suppliers in Canada

As a luxury hotel owner, guest house owner or even Airbnb owner, you must understand the importance of providing an unforgettable experience for your guests. Every detail, from the impeccable service to the plush furnishings, contributes to creating a haven of relaxation and refinement.  And what’s more important than a comfortable, luxurious bed? At Cotton […]

Best Bedding Wholesalers in Canada

Best Bedding Wholesalers in Canada

Finding the best bedding wholesalers in Canada can be challenging and it is also crucial for businesses in the hospitality industry aiming to provide exceptional comfort and quality to their guests. In Canada, Cotton House emerges as a leading choice, known for its superior product quality, extensive range, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.  Whether […]

7 Piece Bed in a Bag Printed Set

We are excited to share with our friends the new 7 Piece Bed in a Bag Printed Set at cotton house. These high quality items are available to all our customers in a variety of colours and patterns. For complete details, please contact us. Features include: Microfiber. Filling 100% Polyester These bed in a bag […]

Flannel Sheet Sets for Fall

As October comes into full swing the fall weather sets in brining with it the changing colours and the need for a little more warmth in our bedding. Cotton House has a new selection of FLANNEL SHEET, both in Solid as well as printed patters. These sheet sets are 100% cotton, double brushed on both […]