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Windows And Bath

12"x12" Face Towel. Solids

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Bath Mat 3 Piece Set. 100% Cotton Oversized & Over Weight.

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Bath Mat 3 Place Set. 100% Twisted Poly Latex Backing Waterproof.

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Plush Blanket. 300 GSM. 100% Polyester.

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Window Drapes.

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Draperies and curtains allow the homeowner and household members to create a decorative screen between the outside world and their own personal sanctuary while making their home ambience warm, relaxed and luxurious. They offer:

Privacy UV Protection Implementation of Unique Interior Design Ideas Enhanced aesthetic appearance

Curtains come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and decorations. They allow the owner the options of choosing brand, quality, and various styles based on your personal taste and preferences. They are manufactured in a collection of materials, many in which will deliver to you different benefits and advantages. Among the features that come along with our draperies are curtain valances. Curtain valances are a decorative additive which is placed on top of the window frame. They are used by many designers to add an upgraded look of elegance and cultivated beauty. Our curtain valances are manufactured using a variety of fabrics like polyester, cotton and polyester cotton blends. Sheer curtains are another form of drapery which has been growing in popularity over the last years as more and more homeowners discover the benefits they offer.

Sheer curtains provide household owners with the following advantages: Allow warmth and illumination of the natural sun to flow into the room space Offers privacy as the curtains allows you the capability of being able to see what happens outside of your home without ability of seeing the inside. Dependable source of UV protection Also recognized to be an economical investment as they are generally created of a lightweight fabric such as 100% Polyester or cotton polyester blends in which are known to be less expensive than other window coverings.

Another line of products offered by Cotton House is Bed Scarves. Bed Scarves come in wide range of materials and color gammas. They bring a laudable and elegant aesthetic appearance to the space to bedrooms or any other house room. Cotton House specializes in the making and creating home fashion and décor products. We are dedicated to satisfying your needs, and on-top of what most companies in our field offer, we customize and alter products just for you in our principle manufacturing factory in the Toronto area. We wield a reliable team of workers who make certain that all of our merchandise is healthy and of a great quality. We strive to make sure that you are both satisfied and content with your brand new chosen drapery."

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