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Pillows And Protectors

Pillow Protector Sleep Comfort . Quilted TC-250 Cotton , 100% Cotton ,Waterproof.

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Pillows: our pillow products are typically sold in a variety of most popular materials in which consist of cotton, polyester and blends of both.Our workers dedicate their hours to creating great quality pillows and carry a wide assortment of varied benefits including some such as:

100% Hypoallergenic

Double stitching

Self-piped Hollow fill siliconized polyester Latex

100% Natural / Organic Rubber Depending on your desired preference of pillow,

Cotton House supplies pillows of all sorts and differences, allowing you the opportunity to pick and choose to your liking.

Cushions: These are the more sturdy and thick pillows in which are mainly found tucked neatly into the homeowner’s laudable Winchester. They are created and used for the purpose of providing you with a comfortable and relaxing sitting space while allowing you to gain the benefit of selecting your desired product by colour, material, style and more amongst these. Our company will positively strive toward gaining your satisfaction and will dedicate itself to ensuring you have an easy and stress-free introduction to our products to allow you the knowledge and understanding and evidently assist in making your choice simpler."

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