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"Duvets: These thick blankets are an essential part of a household as the season’s transition from the cool season of fall to the cold and white season of winter. This is when the demand for duvets grows higher as its main purpose is to keep the beholders warm during the harsh season. Duvets are soft quilts, usually filled out with materials that range between down, feathers to synthetic fiber.
Duvet Covers: A duvet cover is generally described as a type of blanket for your bed or sometimes acts as a pillowcase for your duvet or comforter. Duvet covers are often manufactured from cotton or a cotton blend and are known to add a comfy and inviting aesthetic appearance to your lovely bed. A duvet cover is recognized to be an easy sheet to launder and this will consistently keep your bedding clean and fresh looking. As a textile manufacturer and importer, we can offer to you a wide assortment of duvet products.

Comforters: Our comforters come in a variety of materials, including cotton that is so popular for the soft touch, polyester and blends. Our products selection is providing you not only with the choice between colors and sizes but giving you the chance to pick and choose from the fabric types which most pleases you as well.

What makes us different from other textile manufacturers or importers? It’s simple. Our customers receive only healthy, quality-assured products with a number of benefits and customized features. One of the benefits of working with Cotton House is that we offer a specific section of our factory building which is used solely for the purpose of customizing and altering products to provide you with precisely the product of your need. This makes Cotton House one of the infrequent companies running in our field and we can fulfill virtually any request of our customers. "

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