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Sheet Sets

Flannel Solid Sheet Set. 100% Cotton. 160 GSM Brushed Both Sides. Fits up to 17” Mattress.

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With the purpose of creating a comfortable, cozy protective covering, a typical sheet sets comes equipped with a flat sheet that rests upon the top of the bed resident, a fitted sheet, that one sleeps on top of that is secured around the mattress to prevent it from sliding, and two pillow cases, that adorn the cushions that support the sleepers head and neck. Sheet sets clothe the bare mattresses and pillows, offering:

Extra maximum comfort

Easy maintenance

Lovely visual appearance

Sheet sets also come in varieties of colors, textures and patterns as well, possessing the ability to validate the customers comfort while still being aesthetically appealing and concurrently complimenting the theme of the desired room based on the shoppers vision and personal preference. They are manufactured in a wide collection of quality materials that one will prove fitting for everyone. Differing between sizes, sheet sets come in an array of sets to best suit the size and type of your mattress.

Types of beds include, a single, twin, double, queen, and king sized bed.

We provide our customers with multiple bed sheet types, in an array of different colors and textures to compliment and clothe your mattresses. Nonetheless, Cotton House has a wide variety of products surely to win the hearts of your bedspreads.

These include:

Dream Touch Sheet Set

T-200 Poly/ Cotton Sheet Set

T-800 Sheet Set, Pocket

T-200 Water Bed Sheet Set

And many other among this

Each sheet set has its many benefits and advantages depending on the set, size and the material it’s made of, whether it be they are wrinkle-free, anti-pilling, or brushed on both sides- there is a sheet set that will satisfy you in all areas of your desires, and make your life a little more dreamy."

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