Cottonhouse is a leading manufacturer of quality linen

Cottonhouse has been a leading manufacturer and importer of quality linens since 1995. Based in The Toronto area of Canada, Cottonhouse have never compromised on quality when it comes to our line of products including Linens, Pillows, Mattress Protectors, Comforters, Drapes, Duvets and much more.

Cottonhouse is a reliable supplier of home linens and textiles

Our drive for quality & stability motivates us to serve our customers with a passion that delivers an exceptional experience.

What we Provide

At Cottonhouse, we are a manufacturer and importer that offers premium quality  linen, pillows, Mattress Protectors, Comforters, Drapes and Duvets. We also offer custom order delivery

Our clientele includes small retail stores and institutions like Hospitals and Hotels.

We have the capacity to fulfill orders both small and large. Our advanced supply chain networks allows us to deliver all over Canada. When you are working with Cottonhouse, you can be assured that your orders will be shipped immediately.

Looking for a custom order? Cottonhouse offers a number of value added services such as custom orders. We exclusively manufacture in Canada and wholesale throughout North America

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Address : 2 Shale Gate, Toronto, ON, Canada, M3J 2Y8, Canada
Phone +Tel: 416.667.1333 | Fax: 416.667.1334